Hello, my name is Tony Padgett.

I enjoy hot topic issues that relate to about everything, but especially religion. I studied Criminal Justice at East TN State University and Theology at Liberty University. I am married to a wonderful  woman, Kem, and we have 2 boys, Cory, and Dawson. I have recently become a chaplian and often do research on topics of interests that I will post on this blog. I am also currently working on two books. The first is “Finding Faith when Friends Fail.” This book is about the emotions and stages that you will most likely go through during a time when a close friend, family member, or other person lets you down. It shows biblical scripture for comfort and how to deal with issues during this time. The second book is titled, “Divorced men and Deaconship.” This book is about the stigma and history of divorced men not being allowed to be deacons in many churches and denominations. The book details how this concept is history driven over time and not by biblical means. More and more churches are coming to grips that this concept is due to the history passed down from one generation to the other, rather than hard biblical evidence.

Feel free to contact me about anything that you might read on here of if you have questions


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