Youth Entitlement and the Impact You are Having.

Youth Entitlement and the Impact

 Let me start by saying that we all want better for our children than we had it, that’s a given. My mom and dad didn’t have the things I had while growing up and obviously my kids have far more than I did, but where should the line be drawn?

Here is the story of two youth, one from each side of the tracks so to speak, yet neither of them are really better off in my books and still do not get the point.

Student female has good grades, makes friends pretty easily and has everything she wants…..I mean everything. Her mom and dad have bought her all the clothes that are in style, the shoes everyone is wearing, all the nice stuff in her….big TV, stereo, game systems and all. She always has the latest and new cell phone with all the bells and whistles and if one comes out before the contract is up, no problem, dad and mom to the rescue. They have even went as far as to by her a new car, help with gas, make the payment and cover the insurance. She really doesn’t work, only a few hours a week and that money is all hers to do with as she pleases. Her college will be paid for most likely with some scholarships but the rest will gladly come from mom and dad.

This same girl in conversations has been heard saying that she is going to wait to find the right man, one who can afford her where she will not have to work if she doesn’t want too. I have been taken care of my whole life by my mom and dad so why should I start now, I don’t have too!

Student male has not had the best life, wears a lot of hand me down clothes from friends and family. Has friends but really doesn’t make them easily and his room has the bare minimum in it, bed, dresser, and an old black and white TV set. He has no game systems, no stereo, and half of his drawers are empty with very little clothes. He has an old cell phone that use to be someone else’s and is limited on his minutes and texts. He does have a car, but it is on its last tire as it were, he has to pay his own gas which is a few dollars at a time and luckily he has not payment but does have insurance. He works only enough hours to get his gas and insurance paid for and really not an hour more. He will probably get a few scholarships but the bulk of his funding will come from grants or student aide.

Yet, this same boy has been heard in conversations as saying he doesn’t want to work and that the system will take care of him.  He has no desire to really work and has bounced from job to job because he always has an excuse not to work. His big plans are that I have never really had anything to speak of so I don’t need much and what I do, the “system” need will get it for me.

When you look at these two students on the surface you see complete opposites, one with everything and one with hardly anything. However, both have the same outlook on life, someone will take care of me, and I don’t have to do it myself.  Again I am all for having my children’s lives better than mine, but too what end? Should there not be a line that is not crossed? When is it time for these kids to learn some responsibility and do something for themselves?

In my humble opinion we are doing more damage to our children by allowing them to have everything and gain everything so easily. We are not teaching them any responsibility, and we are not teaching them that in life you just might have to work at something to get it. I believe we are setting these type of children up for failure. What happens when one day mommy and daddy are not here and they have to do something on their own, what happens then? We must realize that while we want the best for our children, do they really need the latest and greatest things? What happens when you are gone and student female is married to Mr. Right and he gets laid off and maybe they can’t afford the best things anymore? What happens in student male’s life when the “system” quits working for him? Neither have ever had to work for anything because you as parents have given them everything! Just my two cents worth!


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