What are we really teaching our kids in sports?

I am a lover of sports, especially football, but at what point do we draw the line between loving the game and right and wrong? At a recent football game I must admit that I got very upset, not at losing the game, but from the actions of one of the opposing team players and the lack of action from their coaches. One of the opposing team players repeatedly ran his mouth using every cuss word in the book and many that this 46 year old man had never heard and I have been around a lot of sports. He repeatedly hit players late, accumulated many personal fouls, and continually ran his mouth. 

The officials in like manner repeatedly told the player to stop and even threatened ejection from the game but never followed through. The coaches for the opposing team only pushed him on and at no time ever called him down for his actions. How do I know this? I know this because I had a friend on the opposing team’s side line who told me afterwards that the coaches always allow him too run his mouth and never call him down, correct him, or take any action against him. Which leads me to the next point, with a runaway game, why would the coaches not take out this player along with other starting players? In my humble opinion the coaches lack class and the true understanding of sportsmanship, nor do they have the class to rise above and teach their players respect.

As coaches, as men, as fathers, teachers for some, and as leaders we must rise above the games and take corrective actions where needed. I know that at times I have not been the leader I should have been, and I have been very upset at games to the point my head was going to explode. However, never to the point that I would allow a player too act in the manner that this player acted with no regards to others around him, including his coaches. We wonder why we see college players and pro’s getting in trouble with arrests, shootings, beating their girlfriends and more, well the answer is right in front of you, we put the game, winning at all cost, before principle and what is right and wrong.

To close let me say this, I am as competitive as the next guy and love to win. Yet, right and wrong must come first when mentoring these kids in any level of sports. Sports are here and gone before you know it, some after high school, for the lucky after college, and for very few maybe after a pro career. However the lessons you teach them about right and wrong, good and bad, and actions you allow will stay with them for a lifetime. Just my 2 cents worth!    


Quick Thoughts on Non Christian Friends and Living Life

As I was doing my bible study this morning my atheist friends came to my mind. I have some dear friends who openly claim to be atheists while others simply chose not to follow a particular form of religion. Other friends don’t really believe in a “god” but do believe there is a higher power governing the universe. Now for some of you that might seem funny, a Christian who has friends that don’t believe in God or follow a particular religion, simply put yes! Why not is what I ask?

Now, it is a BIG responsibility to be a Christian friend to someone who doesn’t believe in God, if for no other reason than because they might judge other Christians by your actions. You might not believe what they believe, but you can still always show Jesus through your actions towards them. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that not everyone was raised the way you might have been or even have the same beliefs that we might have. However, that doesn’t make our God love them any less so why should we?

This is something that I often share with my non believing friends, I am sure many of you have heard it before. You can live your whole life like there is no God, and if there isn’t, no big deal. You enjoyed life and there will be no penalty for your actions, bravo! However, what happens if you live your whole life like there is no God and there really is? What then?

For me and my family we will serve the Lord. I personally believe God exists and that I have a personal relationship with him. I talk to Him on a daily basis and if I listen closely, yes, I can even hear from Him. Don’t get caught up in the world and the temporary joy that you might think is great. Put your faith in Him and have the joy that will last eternity. Just my two cents worth!!