Challenges, and a family that inspires!

Challenges, we all face them. How we come through those challenges is how we define how well we responded to them. Some will end up for the best while others will end up for the worse, but all test us to our limits. Some families my go through many years without ever having to face a serious challenge, while others may face a challenge from the beginning with a difficult pregnancy or childbirth. While others may face those challenges down through the years or on an everyday bases, but it is safe to say we all face them.

The “challenge” is how we respond to those challenges. What is our reaction? Do we begin to unravel? Do we stand strong in our faith and convictions or do we begin to question everything we always believed? How we react in a lot of respects is just as important as the challenge we are facing, but both push us to our limits. What comes out of facing those challenges is inspiration, if not for us, for those around us. Inspiring others in the face of our challenges is no easy task, in fact could be one of the hardest things that can happen. Why you might ask? Because in the midst of our own challenges the last thing we are worried about is inspiring others. However, for those exceptional people (families) and through God’s abounding love and grace, it happens!!

A close family of friends has endured more than any one family should ever have too. Years ago a son, brother, and friend was diagnosed with cancer. The news came as it would to any family as a great shock and disbelief. The family bonded together and rose to the challenge and through it all never lost their focus, Jesus. Even after this dear friend lost his leg to this horrible disease he became an encouragement to all as he played basket ball with only one good leg and a prosthetic. His demeanor and resolve for our Lord never wavered and in fact he became one of the most popular youth leaders I have ever known. His life was a story that God wanted him to share.

As time went by he married, became an uncle, a youth pastor, and a friend like no other. He worked hard spreading God’s word and love at every opportunity. After many years some of this would all change when once again he and the family found out he was again going to battle cancer. What I mean by some things changed is that he never stopped spreading God’s word and love. He again took every opportunity be it in the hospital, home, church, or at Walmart to spread God’s love and word. He looked at his “challenge” as an opportunity and audience to share God’s word; he never changed, just pushed forward. He once said to some family members that he was glad it was him and not someone else in his family or that he loved, he faced it with the courage and strength that only come from God.

Sadly, he passed, but he left a source of encouragement for those who knew and loved him. So often as others have faced challenges since his passing they quickly are reminded of his steadfastness and love for the Lord and how he faced every day with passion and courage. It is hard not to have a challenge in front of you and not think of this dear friend’s courage and passion.

Now that would be a great ending in itself, but the story doesn’t stop there. See that same family has for many years now been challenged again. The nephew of this man, a now 8 year old boy, has been faced with more challenges than any young child should ever have too. His parents have been faced with decision that no family should ever have to make. Yet, this family still never wavers in their love for our Lord and gives Him all the glory and praise for everything. I can only assume that they too gain some strength from the brother, son, husband, and friend that left this undeniable legacy of encouragement and faith that cannot be shaken or ever mistaken; his life still impacts those who knew him.

This family is still deep into this challenge and only God knows how this story will end. But there is one thing that is so evident to all who know them. They have been, are, and will be a source of courage to others around them. What they have been through and the faith they have showed is an inspiration to all around. Their faith in our Lord and their courage has impacted so many that it is hard to understand or even at times believe. However, there is one thing I must say, this family never set out to be such an inspiration, who would knowing the challenges they have faced, but God has used them in a mighty way and I believe will continue too!

So, I leave you with this, pray for this wonderful Adcock family and specifically Josh. Lift them and bathe them in prayer for the challenges they still face. And the next time you feel like you are challenged and simply can’t make it, think of the courage that this family so abundantly shows and their love for our Lord, what an inspiration to all. God Bless!


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