Book Critique, Family to Family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

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Book Critique

Family to family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

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Anthony D. Padgett


Saturday, April 30, 2011


Pipes, Jerry F,, and Victor Lee. Family to Family: Leaving A Lasting Legacy. Alpharetta, GA:
North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1999.


Author Information

Dr. Jerry Pipes is the Team Leader of the Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Team with the North American Mission Board and is the director of Jerry Pipes Productions.  Dr. Pipes travels internationally, speaking to millions of people at events and conferences.  He has authored three other books including Becoming Complete: Discovering and Developing the Real You, People Sharing Jesus, and, Building a Successful Family; and he has produced numerous training materials with over 18 million in print today.  In the early 1990s, Dr. Pipes served as one of the presenters for President George H.W. Bush administration’s War on Drugs.
Dr. Pipes completed his Bachelors degree at Texas A&M University and his Masters at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and at Luther Rice Seminary his Doctorate of Ministry. He had his wife Debra; have two children Paige and Josh.
Victor Lee the other author is the pastor of Young Adults and Families at First Baptist Concord, Knoxville, TN. He has been writing professionally for 22 years and entered fulltime ministry in 1995. He is a former newspaper reporter and his focus is on sports evangelism, singles ministry and evangelism strategy. He is a regular contributor to various Christian publications as well as serving as editor. Lee and his wife, Judy, have an adult daughter and three foster children and currently reside in Knoxville.

Content Summary

Pipes and Lee, in Family to Family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy provide parents with vital information for passing a lasting Christian heritage to their children and God’s purpose for the family.  They first begin the book by explaining what an unhealthy family is. After bring to our attention what the unhealthy family looks like they go into further explanation about what God intended a Christ centered family to look like. They begin this by pointing out what healthy “model” family should look like in the word of God, but also taking into account that in today’s society there are many single parent families. They point out that even though they are single parent families, they are still accountable to God and the foundations set out for us in the bible.

They continue to build on that foundation by showing the parents how to set up a mission statement for the family. They focus on how to use that mission statement to guide the family in their daily lives by serving Christ and through encouragement. They use the mission statement as a cornerstone for the rest of their book.

They next discuss how to address sharing their personal faith in Christ with one’s own children.  Pipes and Lee believe it is essential that parents learn how to lead their children to Christ and how to model their family of faith for their children to learn from. They divide the chapter into four sections that deal with various topics of family growth and ways of exactly how to reach their children to Christ and keep the focus on Him through devotions and family worship.

The next few chapters discuss at length how to function as a family to serve Christ in all aspects of life. This is to include going out and worshipping within your neighborhoods, schools, and the community as a whole. They also discuss how to plug your family into corporate worship within a congregation and how to find where to best fit in. They finish the book with how to lead someone to Christ after they have already chosen to believe.


Family to Family is a simple book that includes many stories and straight forward communication to help the modern day parent with dealing with families in today’s society. Pipes and Lee seem to be blaming the state of today’s family on the big business and the corporate world. Their approach to handle the family is modeled off of a large management system of structure whereas the boss puts out the policy and if the workers below believe in the strategy or system, then it will be successful. However if someone key to the system, as in this case a family member, does not buy into the system or “mission statement,” then the system or structure will fail. The key then to what Pipes and Lee are offering in Family to Family is completely centered on the mission statement. If for instance the father and mother decide on the mission statement but the kids do not agree, the system is doomed from the beginning. There is no ownership or individuality in the system they offer, the average family now days have their own uniqueness and individuality that makes them a family together. This system does not allow for that kind of thought or individuality.

There are many aspects of a modern day family that do and should run as a business, and Pipes and Lee make several good recommendations. However while trying to incorporate Christ into the home; taking the approach of a business is probably not the best approach. Pipes and Lees suggest running the home like a business which is often what we see today in the church. Men go to their section and bible studies, while women go to theirs, and the youth off to the youth department. The only time you see a collective worship is in morning worship, and in many churches today the children are still not present.

Obviously there is more to raising children than passing on one’s beliefs, although very important in today’s society. The mission statement if possibly replaced with clear communication, and expectations about how the family should conduct themselves in all aspects of life.  And with the understanding that as parents it is their wish that those same principles be passed from generation to generation, that could be the same as following a family “mission statement.”

Overlooking the mission statement in Family to Family, Pipes and Lee bring to the table some very good definitions and understandings of what a healthy family should look like. They go into great detail of how to worship as a family, and more importantly bring a child to Christ. They also give great detail and time in how to worship to others in our communities and neighborhoods, making a better area for families to live in.

Pipes and Lee have definitely written this book from the Christian perspective, however non-believers who are struggling with children and modern day problems could benefit from their book. It is obvious to see that Pipes and Lee come from the Southern Baptist background and those traditions are deeply rooted in their book.  The book is not overwhelming in length and has some good suggestions, questions, and material. If one was to choose to follow what Pipes and Lee suggest in their book, they provide a detailed description on how to accomplish their goal. This book could also be used effectively, pointing out the “mission statement” concern, in any church class or setting to help struggling parents that wish to make their families closer as well as communities. Pipes and Lee have done the research, have great biblical principles, and have focused the book on reaching the Christian family so that they may be better equipped to hold their families together through worship and prayer.



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